The Women of Singapore

Famed for their intellect, beauty and innate dignity, the women of Singapore are unique in that they combine the best of the old world values and social conciousness of modern women. Her beauty is inside-out. She is confident, fit and healthy, socially aware. And she is not afraid to take center stage to help usher in change. This is what the renewed pageant aims to emphasize— the beauty and the substance of which the women of Singapore are made of.

Fashionably Gorgeous

With Singapore being at the center of fashion in Asia, the new Miss Universe Singapore will undoubtedly represent the best of fashion and beauty. Style is part of her vocabulary, knowing that the truly modern woman can combine both style and substance— effortlessly.

Singapore Cares

It’s only fitting that Miss Universe Singapore takes the lead in empowering women in Asia and helping spread good will and charity. She is a woman of principle, aiming to be of service to anyone in need. The women of Singapore will use their position to create awareness about the plight of the less fortunate and serving as a spokesperson for worthy causes.